Polaroid OneStep 2 vs OneStep Close-Up 600

Polaroid is a classic name when it comes to taking instantly printed pictures. In this head-to-head presentation, we have a look at the Polaroid One Step Close Up 600 and Polaroid Original 9003 OneStep 2 to try and figure out which model is better and why. If you were also curious to know more about these 2 instant cameras stick around to find out more!

Common features

Many devices have common features, and these two cameras are no different. As a result, we’ll just point them out, and then move on to have a look at their differences.

  • Incorporated flash
  • Same picture size, for the image area – 3.1 x 3.1 in
  • Same focus range, between 0.6 meters and infinity, but with a twist
  • No digital compatibilities, as they’re fully analogue cameras
  • Dark/light control button
  • They use the same type of film (600 Film)
  • They come with camera straps

Differences Between OneStep 2 & Close-Up 600

There are quite a handful of common features, so how exactly are these models different? There’s just one way to find out!


Their look sets them apart from miles away. The Originals 9003 OneStep 2 is smaller, lighter and more compact as opposed to the One Step Close-Up 600. The former model measures 6.8 x 4.72 x 4.72 in and weighs a little under 1 pound, whereas the later measures 6.3 x 6.1 x 5.08 in and weighs 1.33 lbs. The former model however can fold into a more compact shape that is easier to carry.


When it comes to the controls of the device, we can easily see some differences. The Close-Up 600 has all the buttons on its front. The OneStep 2 has three buttons on its back. One of them turns the camera on or off while a second one turns the flash on or off.

Focus range

We already mentioned that the focus range is the same, but there is a slight difference between the two cameras. The Close-Up 600 has a control button allowing you to tell the camera how to focus. One option is for items in the 0.6 m and 1.2 m range and the other one is for items in the 1.2 m and infinity. If you can’t figure out the metric system, the distance is also mentioned in feet, and other visual images are shown as examples: flower and tree, respectively. This means that an old fashioned selfie will look better with this model.

Should be noted that the pictures look their best when the subject is between 0.6 and 2 meters away from the lens. The other camera can focus at the same distance range, however there is no button to tell it how far the subject is. This is helpful if you just want to point the camera and shoot without much hassle.


If you want to take a group picture, a timer is very helpful. The OneStep 2 camera model gives you this option. The 600 model spits the picture out just a few seconds after triggering the shutter. The button for the timer is on the front of the camera and gives you 10 seconds to find your spot in the frame.


It’s very useful to mount the camera on a tripod when taking a group picture or when your hand is not very steady. The OneStep 2 model has a socket on its bottom to allow you to use it with a tripod.

Powered by

There’s quite a difference between these two cameras when it comes to what powers them, though they both need some sort of a battery. The Polaroid CloseUp 600 functions only when the film is in it, as the film has the ability to power up both the camera and the flash. The Polaroid OneStep 2 has a build-in rechargeable battery. To charge it, you need a special USB cable, which can be attached to either a compatible outlet or the computer. Its battery lasts for up to two months, depending on how often it is used.

Film compatibility

You’ll again say we already mentioned the film they use is the same one, 600 Film. However, there is a slight difference in this department. The CloseUp 600 can only use that type of film, while  the OneStep 2 can also function with any type of i-Type Film. You have to know that most 600 Films are now expired and thus shouldn’t be used.


It’s important to note that one of these cameras, the CloseUp 600, is the original model from the 1980s that is no longer in production. As a result, if you decide to buy it you’ll receive a refurbished product, and some might not work. On the other hand, the OneStep 2 was released in 2018.

Additionally, the 2 camera models are made by different companies, though the name is nearly the same. The newer Polaroid camera is manufactured by a Dutch company that purchased the brand and the intellectual property of the first Polaroid company that went bankrupt.

Last considerations

With all these differences laid out, the cameras still seem rather similar. The timer and the better selfies are the only features that really set them apart and that may help you decide to get one or the other.

There is one more consideration that could further help you make your mind. If you’re interested in owning a collector’s camera, the CloseUp 600 is the way to go. This is why many other people choose to get it. If you want a more current camera, the OneStep 2 should be your choice. This and being a compact device is what made others buy the newer model.

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