Instax Mini 11 vs 90: A Quick Comparison

When looking for an instant camera, there’s no doubt that Fujifilm is one of the best brands worth considering. With several models available, however, making the right choice isn’t easy. They might all look similar, but they have different technical specifications and functions. In this short guide, our focus will be on Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 vs 90. By the time you are finished reading, it is easier to decide which one is a more suitable option for your needs.


Aside from being made by the same manufacturer, Instax Mini 9 and 11 are also the same in terms of how they work. It uses the Instax mini film, printing your pictures as soon as they are taken. Within a few seconds, you can already see your photos in paper. They have different shooting modes, including those that we’ll be talking about later in this quick comparison.


One of the biggest draws of instant cameras is their design. A lot of people buy them only because they are cute and will make an excellent fashion statement. The two models we are comparing have slightly different designs. Instax Mini 11 seems to be rounder. It looks more feminine because of its sexy curves. Meanwhile, Instax Mini 90 looks more masculine with sharper edges. It has a more classy and vintage appeal.


Aside from design, many of you will also consider color options when choosing an instant camera. If you love more playful colors, then you should go for Instax Mini 11. It is available in blush pink, ice white, sky blue, lilac purple, and charcoal gray. Meanwhile, Instax Mini 90 looks more formal. Your color options are brown and neo classic.


Now, let’s take a look at the technical components of the cameras to evaluate their performance. The two models have an identical lens set-up. They both have two components and two elements. More so, they also have the same technical specifications. Both the lenses have f-60mm, 1:12.7.


There’s no need to worry even when you are shooting in low-light environments. Instax Mini 11 and 90 both come with a built-in flash, although there is a slight variation on how they work. Instax Mini 11 has a more basic constant firing flash with an effective range of .3 to 2.7 seconds with a recycle time of 6.5 seconds. Meanwhile, Instax Mini 90 comes with an automatic electronic flash, which also comes with brightness adjustment. There is also a red eye reduction mode and forced firing mode, making the flash more advanced.


This is one of the major differences of the two cameras. Being a more basic model, Instax Mini 11 is not equipped with an LCD. Meanwhile, in Instax Mini 90, you will see a mini-LCD, which displays information you need to know when shooting. As a result, it is easier to monitor the chosen settings. It has an exposure counter, which counts the remaining shots. It also shows brightness control and mode button, as well as whether the flash is on or off. We appreciate this feature as it makes the instant camera easier to use.

Selfie Mode

Another major difference is that one of them has a selfie mode while the other has none. Being the higher-end model, most of you will think that it is the Instax Mini 90 that has a selfie mode. However, the selfie mode is present only in Instax Mini 11. It has a one-touch selfie mode so you can take a good picture in just one click, making sure that you do not waste film. There is also a small mirror in front, so you can have an idea of how the shot looks like.

Other Shooting Modes

Aside from the selfie mode, let’s also talk about the other shooting modes offered by these cameras to give you a better idea of what to expect from them. Instax Mini 11 has fewer shooting modes. It has a macro mode for taking a closer shot of your subject. There is also automatic exposure, so you will never be left guessing at how to adjust brightness for the shot to come out right.

The best thing about Instax Mini 90 is that it has multiple shooting modes, providing more options to get creative when shooting. There is a kids mode, which will allow you to easily capture playful and moving subjects. Meanwhile, with the landscape mode, you can easily shoot distant subjects. There is also a macro lens for close-up pictures. Another feature we love is the party mode, which helps in capturing bright subjects and backgrounds. There is also brightness control, so you have complete control of how bright the shots are.

Size and Weight

The two models are almost the same in terms of their size and weight. It is hard to notice the difference unless you look closer at the technical specifications. Instax Mini 11 has dimensions of 107.6 x 121.2 x 67.3mm. It weighs 293 mm without the battery and other accessories. On the other hand, Instax Mini 90 is only a bit larger and heavier at dimensions of 113.4 x 91.9 x 57.2 mm and weight of 296 grams.


Even if the two cameras are from the same manufacturer, they are powered by different types of batteries. Instax Mini 11 use two AA-sized batteries. They are convenient because these batteries are easy to find. In contrast, if you choose Instax Mini 90, then you will have to use NP-45A lithium-ion battery. In both models, a full battery will be good for up to ten film packs.

Picture Size

This is one more thing by which the two cameras are the same. The printed pictures from both models will be 62mm x 46 mm. They sue the standard films

Final Verdict

In sum, the two cameras are both exceptional. After all, they are both a revered manufacturer with a solid reputation in the market for instant cameras. If you are looking for a more basic model available in playful and bright colors, Instax Mini 11 is a good choice. Meanwhile, if you want more features and a more sophisticated design, then you should choose Instax Mini 90.

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