Instax Mini 90 vs Instax Mini 70

Finding it hard to make a choice between instax mini 90 and instax mini 70? Don’t worry, in this review we are going to show you how to easily make a choice. We have compiled an excellent list of the various Pros and cons of each cameras as well as the various features they possess and how they can suit your various needs. With the information we are going to provide you with in this instax mini 90 VS instax mini 70 review, you will be armed with enough information to easily make a decision.

In this instax mini 90 vs instax mini 70 review we are going to compare both cameras using some important features and at the end lay all in a tabular form for you to be able to get a glance view.

Overview Of The Instax Mini 90 Camera

The instax mini 90 has all the appeal and design aesthetics of a great camera. The instax mini 90 has silver and black touches to it which give it a shiny steel and rocky feel. The lens of the instax mini 90 pops out automatically when it is powered on via the power button and retracts when powered off. This helps to keep the mini 90 compact.

The mini 90 offers some selection mode, few of which can come handy. The “party” mode let in more background light by using a longer shutter speed.  The kid mode is primarily meant for capturing fast moving objects even in low light condition, the bulb mode for keeping the shutter open for up to 10 seconds, double exposure mode to expose the same frame at the same time. It has other modes like the landscape mode and macro modes.

Your pictures prints out automatically through a slot at the top of the camera. You’ll find most of the control buttons at the back of the camera. This obviously enhances your ease of reaching this button though you may need sometime getting used to their position. Unlike other instax mini cameras, the mini 90 comes with a side shutter release. This side shutter release actually makes shooting landscape style instax photos much easier.

Overview Of The Instax Mini 70 Camera

The instax mini 70 is built with the same simplicity and style as all other instax mini though with little variations. It doesn’t have much in the way of features that we should hype but it sure is a fun party camera. This camera is made with fun in mind. The mini 70 emphasizes simplicity without the advanced functionality of the mini 90. The lens of the camera comes out when activated and retracts when deactivated to make it more compact. There’s also a little mirror by the side of the lens to make taking selfies easier. Apart from this selfie mirror, all that you can find on the front of the camera is shutter button, flash and instax logo.

Like the mini 90, the slot that prints out your photo is found at the top of the camera. Allow the photo to come out on it own accord and don’t try to pull it out.

The back of the camera is where you can find the opening for inserting your film roll. Above the film opening, you will find the viewfinder, a small LCD display screen and some control buttons. The control buttons are mainly for adjusting flash, mode etc. The mini 70 does not have any auto focusing features instead it has infinity focusing. The mini 70 is pretty much a point and snap camera that you have little control over what object it focuses on.

Lens compare

Both cameras comes with a 60 mm lens. Both are great for selfies however, the mini 90 comes with a focusing ability of up to 11.8 inch. The mini 70 captures pretty much everything in view but the mini 90 allows focusing though the focusing ability is not as great as those in digital cameras.

Compare image quality

The instax mini 70 clicks small pictures and it’s tough to make out details from its images. With correct exposure, the mini 70 can produce nice colored images but shooting in daylight causes overexposure. It’s perfect for shooting indoors with flashes.

The mini 90 produces images that fall within the medium size format with accurate exposure even when the lights are low.

Battery compare

The mini 70 comes with 2 CR2 batteries which are lighter, more compact and lasts longer than the standard AA batteries. This battery is sufficient for 300 shots. The mini 90 comes with rechargeable Li-ion battery which can last for a whole instant shot of 10 packs of films!

Build quality and Durability

Both the mini 70 and mini 90 are built with plastic and so you probably won’t expect them to survive hard falls. The mini 90 comes with a silver shine that makes it look metallic but underneath the shine it is pure plastic. So which ever you choose to buy you will have to be careful it doesn’t drop. Both comes with straps to secure them.

Ease of use

Loading the film on the mini 70 is perhaps the toughest part of using the camera. If you are a first time shooter you probably won’t know that you are supposed to take a photo to make the dark slide cover pop out. This is quite different from the mini 90 and you won’t encounter this sort of issue with the mini 90. However, if you are able to overcome this first time surprise early you will find that both the mini 70 and mini 90 are quite easy to use.

Instax cameras are mainly designed for taking selfies and all most users will use them for is point and take photos. With this in mind, the mini 70 buttons should have been placed at the front for easy access but this is not so and it may take some time getting used to the back selfie button.


Focusing is not a great point in instax camera design and the mini 90 is not different. For the most, It will probably capture in view. However, with the macro mode you can focus on anything within 15 inch of the camera and while the landscape mode focuses to infinity. The mini 70 does not offer any focusing capabilities. It simply a point and shoot camera.

Pros of Instax Mini 90

  • Mini 90 is incredibly portable and you can fit it into a winter jacket pocket.
  • Features more control options than other instax cameras including the mini 70.
  • It has dual shutter buttons for ease.
  • It has great Modes as well as the aperture ring-like control.

Cons of The Mini 90

  • The mini 90 is quite expensive even though it has great features. While many will secretly lust for it, the price is a turn off a few.
  • The film also is quite expensive and may become liability in the long run.
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Pros of The Instax Mini 70

  • The mini 70 is quite portable as the mini 90 and can be hidden in the pocket of your winter jacket.
  • Selfie mode allows you to take selfies easily
  • It has interesting high key lighting mode
  • Superb light and flash blending capability.

Cons of The Mini 70

  • As long as you are not too demanding of the quality of your image the instax mini 70 might be suitable for you. High quality image is not a strong feature of instax mini 70.
  • No way to turn off the flash unless you’re in infinity mode.

Overview Of The Mini 70 And Mini 90 Features

Function Mini 90 Mini 90
Indoor/outdoor mode selection Automatic Automatic
Brightness Adjustment Automatic Automatic
Focus 0.6m onwards 0.6m onwards
Focus Range 0.6m onwards 0.6m onwards
Close-up lens No Yes but sold separately
Close-up Range 30cm 30cm
Selfie shot mirror Yes (at shutter)  Yes (at button)
Flash setting Automatic You can turn it off
Landscape button Yes Yes
LCD display Yes Yes
Continous 2 shot Yes, with timer Yes, with timer
10 sec self-timer Yes Yes
Tripod socket Yes Yes
Film type Instax mini film Instax mini film
Film size 96mm by 54mm 96mm by 54mm
Picture size 62mm by 42mm 62mm by 42mm
Battery type 2 XCR2 1 XNP-45A
Color Comes with a variety of colors Comes with only two colors: Brown and white
Size Small (can fit into winter jacket pocket) Small (can fit into winter jacket pocket)
Weight Heavier than mini 90 Lighter
Rechargeable battery No Yes


If you’re are looking for a camera that will give you a high pixel resolution picture then both the mini 90 and mini 70 cameras won’t suit your needs. They are both designed and aimed at creativity, to give people more fun in keeping instant memories from their fast paced life.

The instax mini 70 is ideal if you have low budget but still want to keep your everyday memories. But if you have more money, you can get the more expensive mini 90 which offers some wider features that are guaranteed to make your pictures clearer and even a little professional if you care to use the right scanner.

Diana Watson
Diana Watson

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