Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera Review

The use of instant print camera has a different purpose for professional photographers, armatures in photography, News Media professionals, detective agencies, corporate companies and for entertainment use by households.

When comes to search for the best instant camera, then Polaroid’s polarizer technology is the excellent and cost effective one to buy Polaroid snap instant camera online or from nearby Polaroid distributors. The latest Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera is the advanced version of its previous series of Polaroid Corporation. It is available for sale globally and anyone can buy this instant print camera online or from branded consumer electronics showroom in your area.

Specification of Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera

  • Color: This portable instant Polaroid camera is available for sale in Black, Blue, Purple and Red colors in the leading E-commerce channels, consumer electronic shops and with Polaroid camera distributors all over the world.
  • Shutter: Its shutter speed is 1/60 sec with electronic type shutter.
  • Flash: Automatic flash and it can be adjusted to 4-scene settings for the perfect instant photo shoot from anywhere and in any light.
  • Camera Weight: This professional instant film camera weight 757 grams only.
  • Battery Type: This PIC 300 is an electronic camera and requires 4-AA size batteries to operate. When you buy from Polaroid camera distributors, leading consumer electronics showroom and from an E-store, the manufacturer includes this camera’s battery.
  • Product Dimension: This self-developing film camera is handy and portable due to its size of 12.1-cm x 6.4-cm x 12.7-cm.
  • Camera Technology: This camera uses its trademark Polaroid Polarizing Technology. However, this camera is an Analog type with PCB featuring digital electronic components for self-developing prints, flash and for the shutter.
  • Photo Size: Anyone can take instant photos with the size of 2.1 Inches x 3.4 Inches.
  • Film: The Polaroid PIC-300 camera use PIF-300 Instant Film, which is available for sale in e-stores and with Polaroid Camera distributors and with leading camera accessory shops for instant printing from this latest Polaroid PIC-300camera.

The Polaroid PIC-300’s Functions and Capabilities

The Polaroid instant camera is a world-renowned brand. When comes to customer care, they are pioneers to operate from different regions of this world, serving commercial and domestic consumers of Polaroid Instant Camera consumers. They do provide Polaroid instant film matching their instant camera products online and with branded camera accessory shops.

The Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera is most suitable to take business card photos instantly by anyone. This camera is portable and the best for commercial purpose and for domestic use for varied photo-taking experiences. The instant camera best buy online is the smart way to buy a Polaroid camera. You can buy an instant camera cheap or at discounted price. It is advisable to search the web, read instant camera reviews and look for the specifications. You can also do Polaroid instant camera price comparison before you buy from leading online stores or from consumer electronic shop. If you have camera coupon, you can buy this latest instant Polaroid camera at unbelievable prices. This instant film camera is cheaper when you buy it through online Shopping.

  • Relatively inexpensive (prices range from $60-$99 depending on where you purchase)
  • Easy to handle and take pictures with
  • Easy to write on, making it fun for weddings or other celebrations
  • Batteries included
  • Included strap makes for easy carrying
  • Recommended film does not work with camera
  • Film is pricey
  • Directions difficult to read and follow
  • Resulting photos different from traditional Polaroids
  • Reports of camera breaking after less than a year of use
Diana Watson
Diana Watson

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