What are the dimensions of Polaroid or Instant camera photos?

Polaroid photos and instant cameras are taking the world by storm. There are even filters on different social media platforms to make one’s photos look like Polaroid ones. You might feel that Polaroid photos are of a quite decent size but when you actually see a Polaroid photo, you might be taken aback. Let us take you through a short tour of what Polaroid photos are like and what size they come in.

You can get instant films for Polaroid photos that have all the necessary ingredients to give you the perfect Polaroids that you want. That moment of watching a faded outline surface into a beautiful structured photo is utter joy and only a Polaroid photo can give you that. The photos turn out to be tiny and look even smaller inside the wide, white border. But that is not the point; Polaroids have their own aesthetics.

Actual size of a Polaroid photo

The original films that Polaroid Originals brought out measure 3.108 x 3.024 inches accurately. This is the area of only the main photo. The whole area of the photo measures 4.233 x 3.483 inches. This means that the photo measures 7.894 x 7.6801 in centimeters and the whole image measures 10.752 x 8.847 in centimeters.

When we talk about other cameras in general, the photo will roughly resemble the size of any standard business card where the whole image ranges between different sizes. You can choose between variants like the 24 mm x 36 mm and the 50.8 cm x 61 cm.

The size that is used in most instant cameras is 83 mm x 108 mm where the main image is even smaller. Where the earlier films used to be available in rolls, you get packs these days, which contain roughly 10 sheets.

Diana Watson
Diana Watson

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