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Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera Review

Fujifilm is the most innovative and widely used photography service and equipment provider in the world. They are widely known because of their high-quality digital cameras that are unmatched in the market. Recently the company has introduced instant film camera known as Instax mini 8.This is a shoot camera that has the ability to take photos and develops them instantly just like the traditional Polaroid model of camera. It has a toy appearance and also looks like hipster. Whether you want to share your pictures on instagram or Hipstamatic, then the Instax mini 8 is the best camera to use. This article will provide all the information that you need to know about this wonderful camera from Fujifilm. It will focus on the important features and specifications , its release date and price.

The Basic Features of Instax mini 8 Camera from Fujifilm

The camera is basically equipped with all the necessary principles which are aimed at helping the photographer shoot pictures with the required brightness level. It has five brightness levels which the photographer can choose from to help him or her acquire the best shoot possible. The camera has no automatic focus option and this means that the photographer needs to come closer to the object or person when taking photos. It has a flash that has a recycling period of 0.6 seconds. The camera only uses the Fujifilm instax film which is sold in packs of 10 films each. The camera can be used to take instant photos and develop them.

Design of Instax mini 8 camera

The camera is available in five different colors on which clients can choose from. It has a toy like appearance due its plastic finish. It is lighter in weight and this makes it easily portable. It comes with a stylish design that most customers enjoy.

Advantages of Instax Mini 8 camera

  • Most customers who have bought this camera have experienced a lot of benefits some of which are discussed below;
  • Easiness in use
  • Unlike the other cameras which are hard to understand how they operate. This camera is basically easy to use as do not need an instructors or user manual in order to understand how they operate.
  • Comfortablilty
  • The camera is very comfortable when you are using it.
  • Slimmer than the previous make
  • Compared to the previous Instax model it is evident that the current model is slimmer making it more portable.

Disadvantages of Instax mini 8

  • The current camera is so expensive that not so many people can be able to purchase it

The Main Differences Between Instax Mini 8 vs Mini 9


If you want to induce more fun in your photography, then Instax mini 8 is your perfect choice for more clear pictures. Why don’t you make your choice today and enjoy the great photos all at the comfort of your home. This is why Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8, review, polaroid camera is a must read for all people who are interested in photography. It will help them to produce high-quality photos that will be admirable for all in the social media. Buy one today and enjoy this great benefits that you cannot afford miss!

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